2017 CEV U18 BVEC: European Championship is over

2017 CEV U18 BVEC: European Championship is over

August 27, 2017 - 15:17
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Russian players captured their European Championship gold medals in Kazan.

Final. Women

Voronina/Bocharova (Russia) - Schoon/van Driel (the Netherlands): 2-1 (21:18, 19:21, 15:12)

The final match featured one of the most spectacular games of the tournament and certainly lived up to the spectators' expectations. Till the very end of the match it wasn't clear at all, who would be the champion of the European tournament in Kazan. In a dramatic battle the Russians clawed the victory in the first set.

The second set promised to be victorious for Bocharova and Voronina as well, but the beach volleyball game is truly unpredictable. The players from Holland caught up with the rivaling team and changed the course of the game. No matter how hard they tried, the Russian players didn't escape the third set. In the gold medal match both teams had an edge over each other. The Netherlanders hit aces, and the Russians were better at serving and blocking. Bocharova's serve was decisive. Maria hit an ace, then put a block and scored. The opponents couldn't do anything to change the situation.

"The important was to show your best game at any match. I couldn't guess the result as I didn't know the level of the opponents. Many European teams put more efforts into the beach volleyball, as it is brings a lot of medals. There were about 8 teams of an approximately similar level, and it's good that we've made it. The home turf gave us an edge. We are very pleased. Thanks, Kazan! It took us 2 years to prepare for this final, and when something went wrong, it led to other mistakes. It was tough on the psychological level," told the coach of the Russian women's team Dmitry Fedotov.

Match for the 3rd place

Mason/Scampoli (Italy) - Lysytsia/Dashevska (Ukraine): 0-2 (18:21, 15:21)

"We are pleased with bronze. It's the second year we're participating in such events, and a title within two years is a good result. We lack experience and technics yet, the opponents were really good," said the Ukrainians after the bronze match.

Match for the 5th place

Movchan/Andreiuk (Russia) - Zolnercikova/Svobodova (the Czech Republic): 2-0 (21:8, 21:18)

"Judging by the match of Movchan/Andreiuk in the quarterfinal, they were in their best form. The difference from their first game was apparent. It's a pity they played against Bocharova and Voronina in the quarterfinal. I think they deserved the medals," admitted Fedotov.

Final. Men

Shustrov/Gusev (Russia) - Chukhnenkov/Arkhipov (Russia): 2-0 (23:21, 22:20)

The players delivered a good match, though 2 sets were enough to decide the winner. In the first set Gusev and Shustrov always took the lead, but Chukhnenkov and Arkhipov caught up with them every time. After Chukhnenkov's mistake Gusev and Shustrov couldn't play the match points and so they had to earn back their leadership: 23-21.

The second set was also tough: 22-20. Pavel Shustrov and Alexey Gusev claimed the top honours from the European Championship.

"It's always hard to play against your compatriots. We tried as much as we could, but still it was tough. We could feel the support from the fans. The cheers of the relatives were especially loud.  We've been training long with our opponents.  We both know the weak points of each other, so it made an interesting finale. The game decided the winner. The good luck also played its role," said the winners.

"We made a lot of mistakes in the final game. We wanted to win but they edged us.  We know each other though and through. They were luckier this time, the next time we will ger crowned. We are happy with the results, even though we sure wanted to be first," told Arkhipov and Chukhnenkov.

Match for the 3rd place

Tournier/Nicole (France) - Shekunov/Ermotik: 0-2 (16:21, 14:21)

"Fatigue and injuries affected us as well. The Russians are very strong, they won by right," noted the French players.

Match for the 5th place

 Bello, J./Bello, F. (England) - Lorentz/Schneider (Germany): 2-1 (16:21, 21:12, 15:5)

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