All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Festival "GTO - one country, one team" starts in Russia

All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Festival "GTO - one country, one team" starts in Russia

October 10, 2017 - 21:38
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All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Festival "GTO - one country, one team" starts in Russia. It was announced during the meeting at the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism chaired by Russia's Deputy Sport Minister Marina Tomilova.

Marina Tomilova opened the meeting with a speech where she reminded that the 3rd introduction stage ends in 2017, and the next one – GTO Complex Implementation – starts the next year. In this regard, the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation announces the start of the "GTO - one country, one team" Festival, which is aimed to promote the GTO complex among the nation.

"Our common task is to develop GTO leading by example, and the example of those who have already several gold pins and showed outstanding results in the certain tests, to promote the current motivational programme for taking part in the GTO testing and elaborate the new ones, so the project becomes more enticing and attractive. Not only to increase the popularity of the project revived with the help of the President of Russia, but also to enhance the loyal attitude of the citizens towards preparation to the testing and passing the complex," noted Director General of the Directorate for Sports and Social Projects (federal operator of the GTO Complex in Russia), Azat Kadyrov.

The Festival features two stages from 20 September 2017 to February 2018.

The first stage will feature the training of the residents of the Russian cities, districts, and villages at the GTO testing centres during the Open Days.

The 4th All-Russian Spartakiad among the workers, the 9th All-Russian Festival of Student Sport, and the 3rd All-Russian GTO Festival among the students are held as the additional events in collaboration with the public organizations.

The second phase of the Festival "GTO - one country, one team" will take place on the sidelines of the official and business programmes of the Russia – A Sports Power International Forum.

Mass morning exercises involving famous personalities, GTO ambassadors, official GTO pins awarding ceremonies, and breakfast meeting for the winners with the honorary guests are scheduled during the Forum. "Be healthy!" public campaign will help everyone interested to know their state of health, and the festival of healthy diet will tell about the importance of the healthy food for the physical culture and sport.

The winners of each phase of the Festival will be decided based on the results in the following nominations: "Consistent connection between the generations", ""GTO students", "Most athletic work team", "Future of Russia", and "Father, mother and I are sporting family".

The regions of the Russian Federation are already actively participating in the delivery of the Festival.

So, the 4th Spartakiad for pensioners wrapped up in Penza on 4 October. Teams from 70 regions of the country took part in the sporting events, including ones in accordance with the GTO standards. Samara, Kuzbas, Moscow, Ugra, Kursk and other cities are also involved of the staging the Festival.  

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