Best GTO Complex Implementation organization is announced

Best GTO Complex Implementation organization is announced

December 20, 2017 - 17:43
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The official end-of-year award ceremony of the Physical Culture and Sport National Award winners took place in the Ministry of Sport on 19 December. The GTO complex nomination was introduced for the first time this year. The Directorate for Sports and Social Projects — organisation responsible for implementation of the GTO complex in Russia — became a member of the GTO nomination jury.

Present at the event were government officials, public figures, leaders of the All-Russian sports federations, renowned athletes and coaches, organizers of physical and sports activities, including Russian Sport Minister Pavel Kolobkov, President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, Federal GTO Ambassadors Svetlana Zhurova, Aleksandr Karelin, and other Olympic champions.

In 2017, winners of the National award in physical culture and sport in 11 nominations are decided. Ilia Averbukh, Russian ice dancer and Olympic champion, announced the winner of the 'GTO Complex is a way to health and success' nomination: best implementation of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Complex "GTO".

Podmoskovye Universal Sport Complex of the Shelkovo city district, Moscow Region. The prime factor for a victory was the rate of the involvement of the population into sports in Shelkovo district. A number of people engaged in sports and physical activities grew from 18,5% in 2014 to 34,6% in 2016. The rate is expected to be of 36,5% in the current period.

A well developed physical infrastructure of the Test Centre and a personal example of its president, Vitaly Novitsky, who received a deserved award himself, both contribute to the promotion of the Complex.

"Our track and field complex is our main key in promoting the GTO Complex. Citizens from the district come to pass the tests in winter. We tell the participants about the advantages of the taking part in the GTO movement. A lot of spectators come together to see famous sports clubs. The complex features different sections, and we tell the participants about the possibilities to pass the tests 'on site', at the test centre. Recently we've got a car so now we can go with a team to other parts of the district, to enterprises. The management of the companies are interested in tho Complex as they all understand that sport means healthy employees. Television stations, newspapers and news agencies support publication of the GTO related materials. Colorful banners are placed all over the city. We try to use all the ways we have to intoduce the complex," said Vitaly Novitsky.

Among the finalists were also the centres of Krasnodar and Samara Oblast.

The cash award for a winner of each nomination is 500 000 rub. The award ceremony is held by the Ministry of Sport of Russia every year according to Enactment No. 493 dated 1 July 2010 of the Government of the Russian Federation with a purpose to encourage professional activities of athletes, coaches, and sports specialists.

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