Best work community unveiled as the All-Russian GTO Festival wraps up

Best work community unveiled as the All-Russian GTO Festival wraps up

April 12, 2018 - 18:05
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The first in history GTO Festival among work communities wraps up today. The best teams were announced during the Closing Ceremony in Sochi.

Teams of Rosneft, UMMC (Ural Mining Metallurgical Company) and Kursk Nuclear Power Plant proved their leadership after three competition days. They topped the Festival podium.

"I am sure that the next year we will see more teams of the leading enterprises compete at the Festival, following your example. I encourage those who finished on the verge of the top places to train and demonstrate at the next event better results! I hope the first GTO Festival will give a powerful momentum to the further development and flourishing of the movement among work communities," addressed Director of the Department of occupational safety and health of the Labor Ministry, Valery Korzh, the competing teams during the award ceremony.

Each team featured 8 competitors (2 men and 2 women aged 30-39, 2 men and 2 women aged 40-49) subject to VII and VIII age groups of the GTO complex. The competitors represented their enterprises after successfully finishing the qualifying competitions and GTO tests. 

"We managed to make up a team consisting of all-round physically prepared and well-knit people. We started trainings well in advance — created a group chat, discussed the festival and were really looking forward to it. We strengthened our team spirit. The event brought us closer to each other — we supported each other, shared the experience we had about passing the challenges we were strongest at. That's why we won," shared his thought the team captain of Rosneft after the award ceremony.

Winners in the individual event in VI age group:

– Andrey Kamishnikov, UMMC;

– Nadezhda Demeneva, UMMC.

Winners in the individual event in VII age group:

– Ragin Ilyasov, Rosneft;

– Tatyana Naumova, Rosneft.

"The competition was tough, the rivals were strong, so it was pretty much like in the big sports! The last competition was crucial. The seconds of the long distance competition decided the winner. The regular trainings helped me win. It is quite hard to squeeze them in the daily schedule full of work and family but this is possible," admitted winner in VI age group Andrey Kamishnikov. "At work, the engagement in sports is encouraged, we hold competitions among departments of our enterprise. This encourages us to engage in sports more actively. I did not have serious fails at this competition. Basically the results were worth the gold pin. This is why I took the crown. I took an upper hand over those who passed some tests with the silver pin results and lost the valuable points.

Based on the results of the first festival, the Labor Ministry and the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation agreed to organize the event annually and engage as many enterprises as possible. The festival will be held at the Federal Sports Base of Yug-Sport during the All-Russian Occupational Safety Week in Sochi.

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