All-Russian demonstration lesson “My profession is to be a champion” devoted to international sports projects in Kazan

All-Russian demonstration lesson “My profession is to be a champion” devoted to international sports projects in Kazan

September 13, 2018 - 14:59
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On 13 September, a demonstration lesson “My profession is to be a champion” took place on the “Proectoria” portal. The General Director of the “Russia-2018” Organizing Committee Aleksey Sorokin, Director General of the Directorate for Sports and Social Projects Azat Kadyrov, and Chief Technologist of the Luzhniki Stadium Kirill Kistersky, Expert of Digital Technologies Ivan Ryndin took part in the event organized by the Ministry of Education of Russia and dedicated to the sports industry. A famous sports commentator and TV host Yevgeny Savin was chosen for the role of a moderator of the lesson.

In 2018 Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup for the first time in history of football. This tournament broke many world records – and not only on the football field: new unique technologies of refereeing, fan zones crowded with guests from many countries, countless views of matches on TV channels and on the Internet. However, this event was preceded by a wide range of international events such as the 2013 Summer Universiade, 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and 2015 FINA World Aquatics Championships in Kazan. 

“We live in a great epoch, when remarkable projects are being implemented in Russia. Any large-scale sporting event allows the city to demonstrate an incredible leapfrogging development. Kazan, in my estimation, has made such a giant leap for 30 years ahead”, Azat Kadyrov noted. He reminded that such a significant step forward helped Kazan prepare for the 2013 Universiade, when 36 new sports venues, kilometers of roads, comfortable urban environment came to existence in the city.  

An intangible heritage is important, too. “Kazan has long been a student city with a large number of universities. Therefore, some of the sports venues have been distributed among universities and schools. They are all busy from morning to night. The number of students who regularly find time for physical education was less than 40% in 2013, now it exceeds 70%”, the Head of the Directorate said. People's way of life and their attitude towards health have changed.

During the lesson, sports management issues were also discussed. Which specialists are the most popular in the field of sports? There is a huge variety of them. “Such professions include engineers, greenkeepers who take care of the lawn, sports nutritionists responsible for the menu of athletes, venue operators, marketing specialists and coaches”, Azat Kadyrov admitted.  

A project-oriented approach is used for the implementation of events that take place in Kazan. In the course of preparation for the Universiade it was of great use. “50 functional areas were designated. In order to make the whole team work as a single mechanism, we created an information system that automated many processes”, Azat Kadyrov mentioned. 

Each large-scale event is planned according to the functional areas: transport, logistics, catering and accommodation, cleaning, security, information technologies, marketing. 

“We try to hire people who love sports and speak foreign languages. Most of our colleagues are from a wonderful volunteer team. Our staff members are devoted to work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, the Head of the Directorate said.  

All-Russian demonstration lessons will become an essential part of the educational process. Such lessons will be arranged each Thursday. It should be noted that the previous eight lessons conducted from February to May sparked interest of students, teachers, and parents. In total, demonstration lessons gained more than 35 million views within social networks and gathered 22,000 schools of our country together.

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