Alexander Krasnykh from Tatarstan becomes Russian 400m Freestyle Champion

Alexander Krasnykh from Tatarstan becomes Russian 400m Freestyle Champion

November 7, 2018 - 22:36
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The Russian Short Course Swimming Championship in Kazan started with the victory of Alexander Krasnykh, athlete from Tatarstan. He demonstrated a great result having overcome the 400m freestyle race (3:36.84).

Martin Malyutin (Omsk Oblast) ranked second (3:37.84), Vyacheslav Andrusenko (Saint Petersburg) took bronze (3:40.20).

Veronika Andrusenko from St. Petersburg turned out to be the fastest (1:53.57) among women in the 200m freestyle race. “This is my first start for last almost six months, so it's great to start! The feeling that I have not competed for 5 years. Now I have butterflies in my stomach, that’s so nice”, said the athlete. “I am kicking into high gear, this result is not my ultimate dream, but everything is getting better, I add load to my swimming. Of course, I want even more medals and victories for the team and myself. I spent almost 2 months home alone, it was hard, and I had so much to think about. Probably, it is not just a coincidence, I believe in signs.”

Anna Egorova (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra – Kaliningrad Oblast) (1:54.19) and Anastasia Guzhenkova (Samara Oblast) (1:54.28) are among the top three prize winners. 

Alexander Kharlanov (Penza Oblast) demonstrated the best 200m butterfly race result (1:51.20) in the final. After finishing the race, the athlete was satisfied with his performance and demonstrated the result he had expected. “I’m getting overclocking from the first 50m to the third 50m, swimming the last 50m, I was trying to set my teeth and test my endurance,” Alexander Kharlanov told about his tactics. “Swimming a short course race, I show better turning skills.” It should be noted that the Russian Championship in Kazan become a qualifying event for the World Short Course Swimming Championship (Hangzhou, China, 11-16 December 2018). “This is a very tough selection process. It means that everyone who gets a chance to take part in the World Championship has the right to compete for medals”, admitted the athlete. 

Alexander Pribytok from Saint Petersburg ranked second in the 200m butterfly race (1:52.04), Daniel Pakhomov, representing Saint Petersburg and Arkhangelsk, turned out to be a bronze medal winner (1:52.12). 

Irina Krivonogova from Samara Oblast became the 400m individual medley winner. Her result is 4:34.87. Alexandra Denisenko from Saint Petersburg took silver (4:36.78). Anastasia Sorokina from Sverdlovsk Oblast ranked third (4:37.52). 

Clement Kolesnikov from Moscow achieved victory in the 200m individual medley (1:53.66). Semen Makovich from Moscow finished second (1:54.25). Dmitry Maltsev from Tyumen Oblast took bronze (1: 55.42).

The first competition day ended with two relays. The women's team from Saint Petersburg won the 4x100m freestyle relay (3:34.64). The second prize went to the team from Sverdlovsk Oblast (3:35.27), athletes form Samara Oblast ranked third (3:38.65).

Swimmers from Kaluga Oblast turned out to be the fastest in the men’s freestyle relay (3:10.06). Together with them, athletes from Moscow (3:10.19) and Novosibirsk Oblast (3:12.09) climbed the victory podium. 

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