Russian synchro swimmers achieve victory in combined free routine

Russian synchro swimmers achieve victory in combined free routine

April 21, 2019 - 18:27
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The FINA Artistic Swimming World Series wrapped up with the combined free programme at the Aquatics Palace in Kazan. According to the results of the competition, gold was taken by the Russian national team (92,5333 points).

Moscow Team was represented by Antonina Bazlova, Ksenia Khudyakova, Ekaterina Kossova, Ksenia Ladnaya, Elizaveta Minaeva, Valeria Nesterova, Olesya Platonova, Polina Solovyova, Sofya Titova, Arina Zhavoronkova, Tatyana Gaidai, and Elizaveta Polyakova.

“It was a very busy day, all of us were worried, but managed to implement our goals. There are some mistakes which we are going to avoid in the future. The programme is new, more complex, we have prepared it for more than 2 months, and it was double difficult and responsible. Our coaches praised us, we have done our best”, said the winners.

Silver was taken by the national team of Belarus (81,8000 points), the Hungarian team ranked third (79,2667 points).

After the performance, the representatives of the Belarus Team (Vita Privezentseva, Alexandra Vysotskaya, and Valeria Volosach) admitted that not everything worked out for them, in particular, the support failed. “We have demonstrated this programme for the first time, we have been preparing it since October. Now we and our coaches are to decide on what to improve and change”, they said. “We have a new team, so we need to work more together to achieve mutual understanding”, they added. 

“This is the last performance, we have tried to do everything to the fullest. There are, of course, some drawbacks, but we are satisfied”, the Hungarian athletes noted, in turn.

Team Moscow-1, including Anastasia Bakhtyreva, Elena Berdnikova, Alexandra Bykova, Ekaterina Ignatieva, Sofya Kozlova, Milena Maretich, Christina Romashova, Sofya Smetanina, Christina Tagankina, Karina Tashagadzhieva, Maria Nemchinova, Elizaveta Pryadkina, ranked second (87,8000 points).

Team Moscow-2, represented by Victoria Boyeva, Svetlana Fedorova, Alina and Kristina Gerber, Maria Karlikova, Maria Kryuchkova, Irina Rykovanova, Elizaveta Sergeeva, Zotov sisters Eva and Maya, Olga Kritzaya, Karina Melkomova, won bronze (86,4333 points).

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