Team England wins qualifier in Kazan and makes it to Olympics 2020

Team England wins qualifier in Kazan and makes it to Olympics 2020

July 14, 2019 - 19:24
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The Rugby Europe Women’s Sevens Olympic Games Qualification Tournament wrapped up in Kazan. During the two-day sporting event, the teams competed for the ticket to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

On Sunday, tournament’s Day 2, the qualification games at the Central Stadium resumed with quarter-finals, in which the tournament’s main favourites, teams from England, Russia, France, and Spain, won. Their semi-finals were tough and unpredictable till the end, and, eventually, the final saw Team Russia and Team England compete. Despite having beaten their rival with a score 26:5 during the group stage on the eve, Andrey Kuzin’s team failed to dictate play to Team England in the finals and lost with a score 0:19. Team France won the game for the third place beating Team Spain 17:5.

France vs Romania – 55:0
Russia vs Italy – 44:0 
Spain vs Poland – 17:14 
England vs Ireland – 17:7 

France vs England – 12:14 
Russia vs Spain – 12:5

Semi-finals for places 5-8
Romania vs Ireland – 0:48
Italy vs Poland – 5:12 

Semi-finals for places 9-12
Sweden vs Germany – 12:0
Czech Republic vs Moldova – 0:12

Match for place 11
Germany vs Czech Republic – 15:7

Match for place 9
Sweden vs Moldova – 27:7

Match for place 7
Romania vs Italy – 14:29

Match for place 5
Ireland vs Poland – 33:5

Match for place 3
France vs Spain – 17:5 

England vs Russia – 19:0

Thus, Team England has qualified for Olympics 2020. The Russian, French, and other national teams will compete for the remaining two Olympic quotas in summer 2020 in the repechage tournament.

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