Igor Artemyev: “We will consider bidding to host the rugby-7 intercontinental qualifier for Olympics 2020”

Igor Artemyev: “We will consider bidding to host the rugby-7 intercontinental qualifier for Olympics 2020”

July 14, 2019 - 20:17
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After completion of the Rugby Europe Women’s Sevens Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Kazan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Rugby Union of Russia Igor Artemyev stated that the city might host another qualification tournament before Olympics 2020.

On Sunday, the qualifier offering the winner a direct ticket to represent Europe at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 wrapped up in Kazan. In the finals at the Central Stadium, Team Russia lost to English players and, in summer 2020, together with the French and other national teams will compete for one of the remaining two Olympic quotas in the Olympic Games Repechage tournament, with its host to be decided later.

“We are considering bidding to host the qualifier in Russia, at this very stadium. I want the girls to feel this field, to have an appetite to revenge,” said Igor Artemyev.

According to Artemyev, the Russia women’s team have good chances to win the upcoming qualifier and get to the Olympic Games. “They should not worry. I believe that the same European rival, Team France, will be our main opponent during the final qualification round next year. All other participating teams are objectively weaker”, he added.

In Kazan, Team England won automatic qualification for Olympics 2020. The team member Heather Fisher shared her impressions after the games and about the tournament organization. “We’ve had a wonderful weekend in Kazan. It is a very hospitable city, and the tournament organization was great”, she noted. “Very strong competitors have gathered here, teams from France, Russia, Spain. Yeah, we’ve made our mistakes in the field, but we’ve made also what we came here for and secured a spot at the Tokyo Olympics”.

Team France won bronze in the qualifier in Kazan and will also try to make it to the Olympics through the repechage tournament, as the team member Chloé Pelle stated. “The level of the tournament in Kazan was really very high, and the English players have won what they deserved. We tried to win too and secure the ticket to the Olympics but we failed. Well, we will have another chance at the repechage tournament,” told the player.

After the defeat by Team England in the final, Team Russia’s head coach Andrey Kuzin complained that the girls lost due to psychological reasons. They had beaten Team England with a score 26:5 earlier during the group stage, but failed to dictate play to the opponents in the finals and lost with a score 0:19. “Yesterday, the play was completely different. But today, nothing we planned worked out! During the previous Olympics qualifier, we didn’t make it, because we are not psychologically strong enough to win crucial games. We’ve made it to the qualification games’ finals, true; but our task was to qualify for the Olympics here, in Kazan, being supported by our fans. And we will fight, try as best as we can, we do have areas to improve!” summed up Kuzin.

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