Directorate for Sports and Social Projects announces its plans for 2020

Directorate for Sports and Social Projects announces its plans for 2020

December 20, 2019 - 15:35
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In 2019, the Directorate for Sports and Social Projects took part in the delivery of 17 international and national events and celebrated the 10th anniversary of its activities. Director General of the Directorate, Azat Kadyrov, summarised the year’s results during his media briefing.

“The very fact that an organization, which was established for conduction of a big international sports event, continues its work after the event was finished is very rare and even unique considering that it has been working for already more than 10 years since then,” noted the Directorate's CEO.

The main event of 2019 was the 45th WorldSkills Competition in Kazan. “All the key ministries and departments of the republic and top industrial companies took part in the work. The immensely complex venue preparation, new challenges for service areas, bright cultural programme and emotional ceremonies, the first ever TV broadcasting of the world competition, and extended coverage — all components fitted to make an overall picture of yet another successful project which united the whole republic,” emphasised Azat Kadyrov.

Another important line of the Directorate’s work is FINA Development Centre providing favourable conditions for the training of athletes from countries with low national swimming records which helps to improve their results before world championships and the Olympic Games, as well as to upgrade the qualifications of coaches and referees from Russia and surrounding countries.

The main line of the Centre’s international programme is its grant programme in two sports (swimming and diving). Since the programme’s launch until now, 8 swimmers from 8 countries have already participated in it and 2 of them have qualified for the Gwangju World Championship (Republic of Korea). 6 divers from 6 countries of the world are participating in the Diving Programme. Three of them took part in the 2019 FINA World Championship in Korea. Starting from September this year, the trainees under the grant programme have been preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In 2019, the Directorate continued its work as a federal operator of the Russian National Health and Fitness Programme (GTO complex). As of the middle of December, 12.2 million Russian people are registered in the Programme’s database, 7.5 million of which (i.e. 61.4 % of those who are registered) finished training, came to 2,564 specially created testing centres and proceeded with testing or completed it. 2.7 million of those 7.5 people (37% of those who have proceeded with testing) passed tests with good results showing a high level of physical fitness in accordance with the national age standards and all of them have already received bronze, silver or golden pins.

The Ministry of Sport of Russia has also approved the initiative for creating (for the first time in the country’s history) an animated series featuring the GTO mascots aimed at creating a conscious need for physical exercises and healthy lifestyle in children and their parents.

Azat Kadyrov also reminded that any event, not only sports one, could not be managed without volunteers. In 2019, the Kazan Volunteers movement, like the Directorate itself, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its active participation in the country’s sports life.

“Today, the volunteer movement is represented in all regions of Russia but in 2009 it all started here when 150 leaders of youth organizations were sent to the 25th Summer Universiade in Belgrade as a team of volunteers from Tatarstan. Currently, over 67,000 activists from the Republic of Tatarstan and 52 regions of the Russian Federation have been registered in the computerised system under the banner of the Kazan Volunteers movement. 10,000 of them are foreign citizens from dozens of countries of the world,” reminded Azat Kadyrov.

The head of the Directorate also announced its plans for 2020. “Our sports year will begin in February with the World Women’s Fencing Cup. Most of the 13 scheduled events are in aquatics: stages of the world diving, swimming and synchronous swimming series, Russian swimming, synchronous swimming and diving championships, High Diving World Cup, CIS Games, stage of the Europe Rugby-7 Championship, etc. The programme is ambitious,” informed Azat Kadyrov.

Azat Kadyrov focused on the organisation of the CIS Games which are to be held as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the second half of August. About 3,000 athletes aged up to 23 will take part in the Games. 232 sets of medals in 21 sports will be awarded.

The sports and city infrastructure available in Kazan enables holding the CIS Games with practically no additional expenses for construction and reconstruction of sports venues. 15 sports venues will be used for holding the Games, 9 of which are fully ready and one (the Millennium Square, 3x3 basketball) requires temporary infrastructure to be arranged for the period of the Games. The Games opening and closing ceremonies will take place in the ice Tatneft Arena. The Universiade Village will become the main place for accommodation of the athletes. The business programme events related to the development of physical culture and sport are to be held as part of the CIS Games programme.

Over the longer term (2021-2025), the Directorate is going to be engaged in the organisation of the diving and synchronous swimming World Cup and World series stages. Kazan will host the European Short Course Swimming Championship in 2021 and the European Aquatics Championship in 2024. World championships in these sports are to be held in Kazan in 2022 and 2025, correspondingly.

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