Status of preparations for WorldSkills Competition 2019 discussed in Moscow today

Status of preparations for WorldSkills Competition 2019 discussed in Moscow today

February 16, 2016 - 17:40
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Today, a meeting of the Organising Committee for the WorldSkills Competition 2019 in Kazan was held in Moscow and chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets.

The meeting was attended by Vladimir Leonov, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ivan Kuznetsov, Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of Kazan, Emil Gubaidullin, Head of the Administration for the WorldSkills Competition 2019 Preparation at the Directorate of Sports and Social Projects, and heads of leading enterprises of Republic of Tatarstan. During the meeting, Vladimir Leonov reported on the preparation of the competition venues and facilities of urban infrastructure of the WorldSkills Competition. He noted that the construction of the Kazan Expo WorldSkills Arena was being carried out according to the figures presented at the General Assembly in Sao Paulo (BRA); the customer, general contractor and project organisation have been defined.

"To date, the works are being carried out for the construction of a temporary access road with reinforced concrete slabs, temporary fencing of the construction site, development of the foundation ditch, dismantling of the old storm water drain, construction of the embankment and foundations, taking off the topsoil layer, preparatory works for the grillage, and delivery of soil for the backfill. Issues on approval of initial permits for construction, utility connection, heating, water supply and water sewage, removal of the existing wastewater treatment facilities, allocation of land plots for new treatment facilities of storm drains are being resolved. According to the schedule, the development of working documentation should be completed by June 30, 2016; construction works with the installation of equipment will be completed in the middle of March 2018," said the Minister in his speech.

The WorldSkills Competition will be held in Kazan in the summer of 2019. 

Photo courtesy: WorldSkills Russia Union 

Press Office of Directorate for Sports and Social Projects


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