WDSC 2016: Ukraine’s Oleksandr Kolodii grabs gold in men’s 25m standard pistol

WDSC 2016: Ukraine’s Oleksandr Kolodii grabs gold in men’s 25m standard pistol

September 14, 2016 - 17:07
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The final day of the World Deaf Shooting Championships kicked off with Ukraine’s triumph in the men’s 25m standard pistol event. Oleksandr KOLODII (UKR) added gold to his collection of medals at the world tournament in Kazan.

And again the major fight in a pistol event unfolded between Russia and Ukraine. Gold was claimed by Oleksandr KOLODII who collected 553-12х but came short of breaking the world record. Silver went to his compatriot, Serhii FOMIN (543-5х). Anton MALUSH (RUS) rounded out the podium in third (543-6x).

According to the champion, today it was easier for competitors to perform due to improved weather conditions. “Weather settled own; sometimes it is nicer to perform outdoors than indoors: fresh air, spacious shooting range,” Kolodii said. “I have been crowned the world's best pistol shooter; my dream has come true.” The Ukrainian then added that the Kazan tournament was staged to a high standard and also thanked the organisers and volunteers.

Silver medallist Serhii Fomin, who now has the full set of medals of the Kazan tournament, admitted: “It’s true, I counted to win a medal today but I was still nervous. I was exhausted, the final day has come and I wanted to end it on a high note. Yes, I placed only second today but my friend, Oleksandr, won and I’m very happy for him. We are leaders of the Ukrainian national team; we usually compete at national championships and training sessions to see who is the best but competition only makes us stronger.”

"In our free time Kolodii and I prepare for new competitions; shooting for us is both a hobby and an occupation,” the silver medallist said. According to Fomin, he also does trap shooting and shoots a pump-action shotgun for fun. And he also enjoys fishing. 

Anton Malush admitted that he was very nervous before the tournament and it prevented him from performing up to the mark. “After all, it’s great responsibility to compete at the world championships held on home soil, even more so at the inaugural edition of the tournament. However, I have enough experience of participating at major sporting events – last year I was among medallists at European championships. I’ve been doing shooting for 17 years now; I’m good at this sport. I will try to better prepare for the Deaflympics and to win there. I’ll be looking forward to the next world championships; the first edition was success, we need more international competitions,” he said. 

“We have friendly relations with athletes from other countries; we compete only at a shooting range, beyond it we are fellows, friends,” the Russian shooter concluded. 

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