FINA Development Centre

FINA Development Centre

On 22 September 2018, the Sport Ministry of the Republic of Tatarstan and International Swimming Federation (FINA) signed a cooperation agreement to establish the FINA Development Centre in Kazan. The Kazan Centre joins other hubs in the United States, Thailand and Senegal.

About Centre

The Centre aims to provide aquatic athletes from different nations with training opportunities for competitions, like the World Championships or Olympic Games, as well as to host training courses for athletes and coaches.

The FINA Development Programme includes five modules:

  • FINA Scholarships (for athletes)

  • FINA Clinics (for coaches and officials)

  • FINA Schools (for officials)

  • FINA Coaches Certification Programme

  • FINA World Seminars

Infrastructure and coaches

The FINA Development Centre is based at two sports venues: Aquatics Palace and Olympiets Sports Complex of the Kazan Olympic Reserve School. 

In May 2019, FINA launched the diving scholarship programme for athletes from 6 countries: Egypt, India, Lithuania, Salvador, and Chile. These days, as part of the swimming scholarship programme, athletes from 7 countries including Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, DPRK, and Pakistan study at the FINA Development Centre. 

The centre operates under the supervision of experienced swimming head coach Gulnara Garipova and diving head coach Pavel Muyakin. The head coaches work closely with the Russian Swimming Federation, whose experts help to develop individual training plans for each athlete, taking into account physical fitness, abilities and a personal sports plan for the year. The centre employs a number of experts who help the effective growth of each athlete.

Upon arrival at the FINA Development Centre, each athlete undergoes complete health checkup in order to avoid unexpected health risks. Having attended a medical examination, each athlete shall pass an achievement test. Test results and information regarding the training schedule before coming to the Centre provided by the athlete help the head coach to make an individual training plan for the period of the Scholarship Programme.

The training week consists in six training days divided into two cycles. Each of them lasts two and a half days. Sunday is a day off. The athletes are offered an opportunity to use the swimming pool on Sunday, if required. 


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