24th Open Russian Swimming Masters Cup 2017

24th Open Russian Swimming Masters Cup 2017

November 24 - 26,

The 24th Open Russian Swimming Masters Cup was held in the Burevestnik sports complex (33 Universiade Village St.) on 24-26 November 2017, More than 2,000 participants came to take part in the competition.

About the Cup

The tournament is held every year under the auspices of the Masters Swimming Federation. The swimmers aged 25 years and older compete at the event. The athletes aged under 25 may participate hors concours.

The competition is held to popularize the masters swimming, promote the healthy lifestyle and active ageing, as well as building the bonds of friendship among the athletes and sporting swimming clubs of Russia and other countries.

The competition is held according to the FINA (International Swimming Federation) Masters rules and regulations. At the tournament the clubs are competing for the main trophy – the perpetual thorphy cup of the event. The clubs that take places from 2 to 6 are awarded with smaller cups.

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