First All-Russian Urban Games 2020

First All-Russian Urban Games 2020

September 17 - 21,
left to go until kick-off

On 17-21 September 2020, Kazan will host the First All-Russian Urban Games 2020. The event will bring together about 1,500 participants.

About Games

The sports programme for the Games in Kazan includes 11 sports:

  • basketball (3x3);

  • dance sport (Breaking);

  • cycling (BMX-freestyle)

  • parkour;

  • roller sport;

  • cheer sport;

  • air power athletics (workout);

  • football freestyle;

  • skateboarding;

including two exhibition sports:

  • teqball; 

  • rope skipping.

The competitions will be held in the new Extreme Park (the embankment area under the Millennium Bridge) that is going to be commissioned in June 2020.

The All-Russian Urban Games programme includes competitive and spectacular urban sports events enriched by the Festival of Youth Music, Arts and Culture. 

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